Mastering Pool Instructional DVD v.3


Volume 3 uncovers advanced aspects of the game that are known only to the pros. Rich with intricate 3D animation, 14 exclusive lessons, and over 35 minutes of special features, MASTERING POOL will give you a definitive advantage over your opponents.


1. Positional Shots (Part 2)
This lessons introduces more common positional patterns.

2. Positional Shots (Part 3)
Expand your arsenal of positional shots with these rare gems.

3. Advanced Shot Making (Part 1)
Learn how to pocket these unique shots.

4. Advanced Shot Making (Part 2)
More offensive shot-making.

5. Cue-Ball Control (Part 4)

Implement force-follow and power-draw into your game.

6. Throw & Transferred English

Understand the repercussions of English, and how to use them to your advantage.

7. Playing Conditions

Take into account humidity, new cloth, dirty balls, drifts, etc.

8. Kicking & Banking (Part 6)
Utilize the diamonds with basic math equations to increase kicking efficiency.

9. Kicking & Banking (Part 7)
Two rail kicking systems.

10. Kicking & Banking (Part 8)
Three rail kicking systems.

11. Playing Safeties (Part 2)
Learn to play common safety variations.

12. Playing Safeties (Part 3)
Advanced safety analysis coupled with offensive safeties.

13. Running an 8-ball Table
A step by step walkthrough of running an 8ball table.

14. Running a 9-ball Table

This lesson discusses common obstacles in a 9ball runout.


1. 2 bonus lessons from other volumes
Lesson 13 and 16 from Volume 2.

2. 12 full games with commentary from Mika Immonen
Watch Mika run out racks of 8-ball, 9-ball and 10-ball.

3. Outtakes and deleted scenes

Random outtakes, tricks shots and behind the scenes footage.

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